Why is Pingueen needed for a service company?

Why is Pingueen needed for a service company?

The more you know your customers, the better you can satisfy them. Thanks to a good overview of all interactions with customers, the team can do better and in a shorter time.

“What we do know is that we have to adapt continuously and quickly to be relevant to our customers. We have to think differently about how we manage the business to be competitive”.

Today, Pingueen supports a more immediate and appropriate communication between your clients and their trustworthy consultant, just like as it happens in person. The distinctive webscreen facilitates more efficient information and interaction with any customer. Thus, the communication is made easier and more fluid.


  1. Personal and fluid communication

Consultants have access to all past exchanges with specific customers, anytime they contact your company. In addition, the platform generates automatically an action plan showing both completed and about to be processed activities. This means to immediately find important details of each customer and to customize communication via a WhatsApp message (or SMS), their favourite channel.


  1. Team work

Your team can process customer requests from different locations and offer their advice thanks to a direct access to the web or mobile platform. Pingueen is a professional and effective application to organize and to improve communication exchanges amongst local networks and to offer a valuable service and an image in line with the corporate vision.

You can – manually or automatically – direct received messages to your team according to the competency and availability criteria. Each team member can maintain a direct contact with customers and be in the position to solve queries about offered services in a few steps. Team members could also share estimates or technical documentation and schedule telephone calls or on-site appointments.


  1. Data Analysis


Real team statistics are generated to monitor data on interactions with customers and on their queries. Statistics provide information about their attitudes in function of planning new marketing strategies and commercial positioning of your services / products.

You also receive a continuous supervision of the activities managed by your team and of their completed tasks.


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With the #ChiediloAdAscom project, Confcommercio of Saluzzo restarts from the centrality of the customer

With the #ChiediloAdAscom project, Confcommercio of Saluzzo restarts from the centrality of the customer

Thanks to an important initiative by Confcommercio of Saluzzo, in the first months of next year, a simple WhatsApp or SMS will be enough to get in touch with one of the hundreds of shops in the 39 cities belonging to the Association.

With Pingueen, every business will have an innovative communication platform for direct dialogue with customers, based on the most popular instant messaging channel, WhatsApp.

“We need to start again from customers’ relationship: what local merchants have different from the large marketplaces is the empathic listening to the needs of their users capable to create a context of satisfaction and trust. With Pingueen, we want to reach consumers in a simple, immediate and personal way ”.

The protagonist is the consumer

«Chiedilo ad Ascom» will not be an e-commerce but an instant customer assistance service to solve every need in real time, simply with a message via WhatsApp or an SMS.

Finding out which pharmacies are on duty, which shops offer specific products or brands, booking an appointment with your own consultant: these are just some examples of questions that can be answered immediately on this new platform, all through a simple WhatsApp (or text message) to a unique number. In addition, you can also buy with home delivery if your trusted merchant offers the service, otherwise, book the shopping with take-away and possibly already pay for it with the usual tools.

There will be a direct relationship between customer and business but the reference number will always remain the same.

Behind this apparent simplicity, there is an articulated web and mobile platform (iOS and Android) that offers each merchant valuable tools for scheduling requests and activities, simplifying the management of interactions even when the business is closed and monitor the behavior of their customers in real time.

With Pingueen, your customers can contact you anytime and anywhere and you can satisfy them in an organized and personalized way.

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How you can transform your company-customer relationship into a special customer experience.

How you can transform your company-customer relationship into a special customer experience.

In the last few years, profiling pictured demanding, impatient, disloyal to the brand, independent customers.
At the age of digital economy, customers demand companies to be fast, experienced, and able to customize product offers. Customers are eager to connect with you, your company brand, and services; yet they look for a personalized touch” to what they ask for.

When customers feel a need must be met, it is important to establish a “closer” customer-company relationship and to demonstrate a special attention to their needs, offering support and prompt assistance on the spot because:

  • it is a stress-free searching of information for the customer
  • contents and values of the products are passed on clearly
  • your brand is described in your own and effective words

Such strategies are more effective if they are implemented via WhatsApp, the most popular and used instant messaging. Customers are used to interact and to share info via WhatsApp.

Why the company-customer relationship grows into a better one with WhatsApp

The stronger is the synergy between what you offer and customer experience, the higher is the customer satisfaction and trust in your brand. This is what we name “closeness“, which is the priority ingredient to improve company-customer relationship.
Instant messaging channels facilitate this journey by enabling companies like yours to meet customer needs and to receive feedback in real time. You receive daily information about customer feelings, thoughts and emotions; you are able, then, to acquaint better with your audience and to adjust your offers and services promptly.
Customers prefer to text companies for assistance rather than to e-mail or to phone. They are more eager to place their order when they are offered this possibility. Likewise, customers do not appreciate to be put on hold or passed on to another operator, when on a phone call. Also, they want to be sure that their messages are red. (data source: WhatsApp).

Active listening for your business growth

Pingueen enable you to stand out from your competitors, because you can instantly solve the problems of your customers on the spot, where and how they need to get help.
The activation of a listening channel is an effective tool as anytime a customer reaches out for your company, you can offer the same relationship climate that you would create on site.
Pingueen support you to do even more, as you can manage each interaction in an organized and efficient way, you can collect useful information about each individual customer, and you can respond promptly even automatically.

Do you have a service company or are you a professional?

Invite your users to contact your company directly on WhatsApp or with a text messaging when they need to be in touch with you: they could just be informed about opening hours or about a specific service, or they may want to ask for a consultation or for sharing a document.
Thanks to the guided tours of the Pingueen platform, you can also plan and manage:

  • a pre and post sales assistance service, with the use of predefined and automatic answers that are useful to process the customer query
  • telephone or on-site appointments with reminders up to 1 hour before the meeting
  • collection of feedbacks and reports on specific issues or one-way communications to share technical documentation

Pingueen encourages teamwork. If you opt for the PRO version you could also assign requests directly to your collaborators to ensure an efficient, prompt and tailored-to-needs response.
Loyal customers are your first asset, Pingueen supports you to keep them and to capitalize their value.
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