With the #ChiediloAdAscom project, Confcommercio of Saluzzo restarts from the centrality of the customer

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Thanks to an important initiative by Confcommercio of Saluzzo, in the first months of next year, a simple WhatsApp or SMS will be enough to get in touch with one of the hundreds of shops in the 39 cities belonging to the Association.

With Pingueen, every business will have an innovative communication platform for direct dialogue with customers, based on the most popular instant messaging channel, WhatsApp.

“We need to start again from customers’ relationship: what local merchants have different from the large marketplaces is the empathic listening to the needs of their users capable to create a context of satisfaction and trust. With Pingueen, we want to reach consumers in a simple, immediate and personal way ”.

The protagonist is the consumer

«Chiedilo ad Ascom» will not be an e-commerce but an instant customer assistance service to solve every need in real time, simply with a message via WhatsApp or an SMS.

Finding out which pharmacies are on duty, which shops offer specific products or brands, booking an appointment with your own consultant: these are just some examples of questions that can be answered immediately on this new platform, all through a simple WhatsApp (or text message) to a unique number. In addition, you can also buy with home delivery if your trusted merchant offers the service, otherwise, book the shopping with take-away and possibly already pay for it with the usual tools.

There will be a direct relationship between customer and business but the reference number will always remain the same.

Behind this apparent simplicity, there is an articulated web and mobile platform (iOS and Android) that offers each merchant valuable tools for scheduling requests and activities, simplifying the management of interactions even when the business is closed and monitor the behavior of their customers in real time.

With Pingueen, your customers can contact you anytime and anywhere and you can satisfy them in an organized and personalized way.

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