Why is Pingueen needed for a service company?

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The more you know your customers, the better you can satisfy them. Thanks to a good overview of all interactions with customers, the team can do better and in a shorter time.

“What we do know is that we have to adapt continuously and quickly to be relevant to our customers. We have to think differently about how we manage the business to be competitive”.

Today, Pingueen supports a more immediate and appropriate communication between your clients and their trustworthy consultant, just like as it happens in person. The distinctive webscreen facilitates more efficient information and interaction with any customer. Thus, the communication is made easier and more fluid.


  1. Personal and fluid communication

Consultants have access to all past exchanges with specific customers, anytime they contact your company. In addition, the platform generates automatically an action plan showing both completed and about to be processed activities. This means to immediately find important details of each customer and to customize communication via a WhatsApp message (or SMS), their favourite channel.


  1. Team work

Your team can process customer requests from different locations and offer their advice thanks to a direct access to the web or mobile platform. Pingueen is a professional and effective application to organize and to improve communication exchanges amongst local networks and to offer a valuable service and an image in line with the corporate vision.

You can – manually or automatically – direct received messages to your team according to the competency and availability criteria. Each team member can maintain a direct contact with customers and be in the position to solve queries about offered services in a few steps. Team members could also share estimates or technical documentation and schedule telephone calls or on-site appointments.


  1. Data Analysis


Real team statistics are generated to monitor data on interactions with customers and on their queries. Statistics provide information about their attitudes in function of planning new marketing strategies and commercial positioning of your services / products.

You also receive a continuous supervision of the activities managed by your team and of their completed tasks.


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